It all started when...

co-owner Janine Turner opened The Little Gym in Tustin, California. Envisioning a health and fitness solution not just for the tykes of the community, Janine planned to build a space for the moms of her young members so they too could get their fit on. Hence her reason for leasing the space right next door to The Little Gym.

When the time was right, Janine teamed up with Piloxing maven and notable GroupEx instructor Julie White to found Studio J Fit. When that happened, they each shared a different vision other than opening yet another fitness studio. They wanted to open something with a larger purpose in mind. One that would not just be a place for amazing fitness classes for a diverse clientele -- but one that would also champion the dreams of small business owners.

That's when they decided on the concept of a "pop-up fitness" studio, where entrepreneurial instructors could rent the studio by the hour and host their own classes, for their own students, and grow their own brands.

Since it's soft opening in March 2016,...

Studio J Fit has signed on a variety of instructors, each offering classes of a different format and style. Our roster includes:

Ready to find your fit?

We're sure whatever your fitness goals--whether you want to maintain, lose weight, improve posture circulation or simply de-stress and HAVE FUN, we have something for you. Visit any of the Pop-Up Fitness pages for class schedules, rates and contact info for the instructors. We look forward to seeing you here at Studio J Fit!